Home Stay in Goa

Goa is steeped in rich Portuguese heritage, and this is reflected most evidently in its culinary culture. In the 450 years that the Portuguese occupied Goa, the flavour palate of the state has evolved into an eclectic combination of Indian, African, European and of course Portuguese flavours that result in succulent recipes incomparable to any part of the country.

At The Highland Heritage, we aim to bring you a taste of this rich culinary heritage through forgotten recipes, cooked with passion by native Goan chefs who have honed their skills in their own home kitchens over generations. Be it the spice of the ‘Vindaloo’, the tanginess of the ‘Ambot Tik’, the richness of the ‘Sorpotel’ or the robust ‘Cafreal’, it goes without saying that our menu boasts the true flavour and refinement of Indo-Portuguese cuisine.

The Dining Room

Unlike a hotel, here at The Highland Heritage, we want you to feel at home, which is why our meals are shared in the lavish dining rooms that are appointed in each of the Villas, Sonhos and Amor. We encourage our guests to meet new people and make friends while breaking bread, while sharing stories that will hopefully turn into memories.

The Bar

Whether it’s a refreshing beer or a glass of wine during the day, or a full bodied spirit during the evenings, our bar stocks the finest Indian and international liquors.

From the BBQ or our Tandoor

One of our special luxuries is the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor barbeque in the serene tended woods behind The Highland Heritage, complete with the choicest meats and sea food in variety of preparations.

*Though our speciality lies in serving the very best in Indo-Portuguese cuisine, guests can also request other Indian or continental dishes that are not on the menu, and our chefs will be more than happy to oblige.